The inaugural issue of Frocket Zine is replacing our long-running fashion magazine Frock Paper Scissors (13 years and 13 issues). This rebranded aesthetic and structural shift highlights the dramatic changes in the world of fashion following climate emergency.

Frocket Issue One’s primary focus is to educate and provoke interest in fashion activism and textile education. Inspired by contemporary thought leaders, innovators and futuristic forward thinkers, it critiques the current fashion system and offers sustainable alternatives to the current fashion system.

Weaving between expressions of self, culture and identity we hope this zine gives you the power of knowledge to create in whatever practice inspires you.

Working within our community, we have highlighted local creators working with wool, silk, cotton and artificial fibres. Fashion activism encompasses all of these textiles, while exploring global climate issues.

This zine is an entertaining, yet thoughtful reading about the current fashion landscape. We hope to spark authentic conversations about current global concerns in fashion within our Brisbane community.