Editor’s Letter

Print Editor’s Letter


Undoubtedly, this year has proven to be challenging for most. With the current global pandemic and other pressing social and political issues circulating the world, putting together a zine during this time brought a strong sense of normality and positivity into our lives. Amongst the chaos outside, our team found refuge indulging in the creative pursuit of crafting FROCKET 2020. It was important for this year’s FROCKET team to remember that Brisbane, from a global perspective, has been one of the less affected parts of the world. In considering this, we appreciate the privilege of this big country town that we call home. 

It is only fitting then, that this issue delves into the corners of Brisbane’s creative scene and explores the lives of our community during arguably one of the most significant and systemically impactful years in the last fifty years. 

From lockdown to a changing economy, this issue specifically looks towards matters of change and the playful yet impactful aspects of change this year has brought. Isolation and distance have dramatically reframed our understanding of connectivity, as virtual relationships have become the new norm. We explore how our changing environment impacts all aspects of life; from finding new love through zoom to changing beauty ideals, to how we reimagine a socially distanced world by little X’s marked on the floors. This issue pays homage to the creative industries and its vital role in bringing culture and community to the people of Brisbane during a truly extraordinary year.    

Demi Conrad & Kate King,

Print Team Co-Editor’s in Chief

Website Editor’s Letter


The FROCKET 2020 is an issue like no other. Following the theme of CHANGE, the zine embodies the creative sphere and talent of all the individuals involved. A true showcase of expression and creativity, the zine explored numerous different fields from fashion through to health in an intuitive and diverse manner. 

The aim of the FROCKET zine website is to provide a digital platform in which people and consumers can continue to engage with the FROCKET sphere. The website aims to provided further information on the creative endeavour of students and allow for a more in-depth exploration of the creative work featured in the 2020 issue. 

The web team along with our peers worked religiously in order to create a digital platform for FROCKET to thrive. In creating the website, the team aims to focus on the past, present and future of FROCKET. Archiving the past issues and features allows for continuous exploration of creative work throughout time. Presently the website aims to update FROCKET consumer on current trends, creative works and issues within our current times. The website provides a future for FROCKET to build upon, our goal was to ensure the longevity of the zine and allow for the continuation of creativity. 

Within this digital age, we believe the website is a fundamental part of the zine sphere. The creation of the FROCKET website will ensure the lifespan of the zine as well as expanding FROCKET’s reach to other parts of the globe.

Chandler Sweetman, Elle Le Faou, Katie Mullins, Phoebe Heath & Cate Lawrie

Website Team Chief Digital Editors, Production & Design Editors & Layout Assistant.