Darci Paterson

After School CAre

Visuals by Darci Paterson

‘After School Care’, a piece that attempts to show how school-aged students utilise their relationships with their clothing to ‘liberate’ themselves from the mundane trappings of adolescence.


Music: Sorry About The Carpet by Agar Agar
 – Ellen Simons – Rebel Rebel Talent 
 – Georgia Bucolo – Rebel Rebel Talent 
 – Haruko Doi – Rebel Rebel Talent 
 – Francis Godinet 
 – Jasper Karolewski 

Featuring Clothing from:
Vanilla Gorilla

Writer, Director and Stylist: Darci Paterson
Director of Photography: Jacob Weston 
Producer & 1st AD: Emily Chang 
Producer & 2nd AD: India Thompson