Dharma Russel-Moselen


Visuals by Dharma Russel-Moselen

The ‘Fashion for the Planet’ photoshoot was inspired by the relationship between nature and fashion. So often we hear about how detrimental the fashion industry is to our environment in terms of pollution, water, and energy use. It can be hard to imagine a beautiful cohesion between the two and that is the concept I wanted to explore in my work. I styled the shoot using only vintage, thrifted, or sustainable pieces. Second-hand items have been produced a long time ago and extending their life reduces their environmental impact. I also included student work by Katie Sutherland, a fashion designer with a focus on zero-waste patterns and clothing.

Photographer: Dharma Russell-Moselen
Model: Emma Forrest and Lucy Foster
Stylist: Dharma Russell-Moselen
Clothing and Accessories sourced from: Winston.collective
Hair: Lucy Foster for Lucy Foster , Emma Forrest for Emma Forrest
MUA: Lucy Foster for Lucy Foster, Emma Forrest for Emma Forrest