Isabella Bignami


Visuals by Isabella Bignami

The way we look at our bodies and the way we present them has shifted
significantly over the last decade due to our technology revolved generation. I initially wanted to simply create imagery comparing human
bodies to nature, to try and show people that we don’t need to change our bodies to look perfect. We should thrive just being our natural selves, just like the environment does. My idea then evolved and I wanted to create more of a story – not just a comparison. I decided to create imagery that shows the process of someone resisting these perfectionistic norms and becoming a natural entity. It’s about realising that we are just like nature so we should marvel at ourselves as we do the environment.

Model: Bella Bignami
Photographer: Bella Bignami
MUA: Bella Bignami
Hair: Bella Bignami
Stylist: Bella Bignami