By Trey Cahill

My photoshoot captures the essence of the underground skate/music/fashion culture in Brisbane, and how it connects others together. I wanted to capture friends finally being able to hang out amid COVID-19 – able to skate, make music and express themselves through fashion. I also wanted to showcase, but not directly address, racial diversity through using a range of models. More than 60% of the garments displayed were also bought locally from op shops, thus promoting a sustainable practice.

Photographer: Trey Cahill
Assistant Photographer: Luke Nicholson
Stylist: Trey Cahill
Photo Editor: Trey Cahill
Models: Ulysses Knoploch Xaia De Paula, Brock Swannie, Ray Levinge, Jardel Casimiro-Gil
Garments: Self-owned by models (60% from local op shops)